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Use CitiZing For Your Project

We are looking for project partners interested in working with the Citizens League on demonstrations projects to show how policy work can be done differently to achieve better outcomes.

Organizations and individuals can't yet initiate their own projects. We want to ensure that the initial CitiZing projects are executed well, use citizens' input to impact policy, and are well-managed by hosts.

Projects should:

  • Be well-defined and seek a specific outcome.
  • Desire input from a wide range of individuals and ideologies.
  • Be influenced, changed, and improved as a result of collaborating.
  • Be fully funded.

As importantly, project sponsors should NOT:

  • Push an agenda or specific solution.
  • Already have a solution (like a bill or proposal) they're seeking to garner support for.
  • Be unwilling to hear diverse and/or differing perspectives from their own.
  • Be unwilling to change the direction or outcome of the project.

Interested? Think your project is a good fit? Email us at and tell us about it. We'll be in touch to let you know if it seems like a good fit with where CitiZing is now.

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