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Community Policy

CitiZing wants to foster thoughtful, thought-provoking, and entertaining conversation among our users. This policy is a set of ground rules to help that happen and to guide our moderation.

We cannot keep track of every single submission to the site, but when we find something that is inconsistent with this policy or the terms of service, we reserve the right to modify or delete it. That said, we have no obligation to do this.

In general

In general, submissions should be coherent, meaningful, relevant, and respectful. In short, be thoughtful and considerate. Don't be a jerk, and don't be a troll.

  • Coherent

    Do your best with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We do not expect you to follow the Chicago Manual of Style, but we do ask that you steer clear of leetspeak and textese, and avoid all caps and no caps.

    Submissions in other forms should also be understandable.

  • Meaningful

    Take a moment to consider whether your submission will contribute to the community or not. CitiZing projects offer you the opportunity to be directly and democratically involved in the public process. Take it! Authentically convey your ideas and experiences. Advocate your point, but also take the time consider others' points. Look for common ground as well as where compromise is possible. Augment the conversation with your posts, and encourage others to do so as well.

    Junk comments (like "+1," "yawn," "pwned!!1," and so on) are not necessary or welcome.

  • Relevant

    Stay on topic, and if you are commenting or responding to someone else, read what they posted before you do so. Don't merely repeat what others have said, though you're welcome and encouraged to agree with others, reinforce their points, and talk about why you like what they've said.

    Spam is not welcome. Neither are sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, or other kinds of bigotry or hatred.

  • Respectful

    No flame wars or ad hominem attacks.

    If you find mistake in what someone else has contributed, please contact them directly and privately, first. To do that, send them a message on their member page.

Report abuse

We rely on you to tell us when something is wrong. If you see something you think violates this policy or the terms of service, including cyberbullying or cyberstalking, please let us know by sending an e-mail to


If you violate this policy, you may be warned or banned from the community.

If you've made a mistake, please help keep our community healthy by taking responsibility for your actions and seeking to repair any harm done.