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It's budget season!  Every other year, important state spending and tax decisions are made. What do you think of what's been proposed? Is it "fair?" Citizens League members - and all Minnesotans - can weigh in here!  We'll spend most of April discussing key questions and then, in our final week, vote on our platform for tax reform.

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Mar 1 @ 12:13pm

Kiedrowski: #mnleg has done little to correct state budget "structural imbalance." via @MinnPost

Feb 28 @ 1:23pm

$5.4 billion (55%) of #mn sales tax base is exempted. Impact: it raises rates for non-exempted activities. #mnleg

Feb 28 @ 12:36pm

Feb 23 @ 10:33am

We're taking our state budget & tax reform workshops across #mn to inform #mnleg and @mnrevenue. Want one?

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This week's blog

Before who and how, let's talk why.

We've been going over all that everyone has contributed to the discussion over the past five weeks, thinking how we should move it forward into this week's tax reform platform. While we didn't have the numbers we'd hoped for, we did have a great diversity of opinion, which we found really valuable.

One important thing we’ve heard you say is that it's hard to separate tax reform with the idea of raising revenue. In our workshops we preface the conversation with the caveat that we won't be talking about whether to increase or decrease taxes, our focus is, instead, on questions...

What's in store

What's at stake?

If you take a look at the last ten years or the next twenty-five, it's clear that Minnesota's spending and taxes are not balanced in a sustainable way. "Business as usual" will no longer work.

State Budget shortfalls

Over the next 25 years, state spending will outpace revenue

State and local taxes: how much do YOU pay?