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  • Citizen Solutions: Health

    A dialog among Minnesotans about what’s important to the future of health and health care in our state. Findings were prepared for the Governor's Health Care Reform Task Force.

  • Teen Citizen Solutions

    Teens contributed their insights and experiences to inform the future of health and health care in Minnesota.

  • Parks and Trails Legacy Project

    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) used CitiZing to help craft a plan for how to spend the millions of dollars generated by the 2008 Legacy Amendment.

  • Students Speak Out: Parks and Trails

    What does the next generation think about parks and trails? How should the millions of dollars from the Legacy Amendment be spent? A conversation with teens around Minnesota.

  • Minnesota GO

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) used CitiZing to help craft a vision for the next 50 years of transportation in Minnesota.

  • Students Speak Out: Minnesota GO

    Teens helped to chart a course for the future of transportation in Minnesota. Input and feedback were incorporated into Mn/DOTs 50-year transportation vision.

  • Honoring Choices Minnesota

    A community created to inspire and support family conversations regarding end-of-life care and planning. Findings were gathered in a report for the Twin Cities Medical Society.

  • Students Speak Out: What is Achievement?

    Teens across Minnesota weighed in: If we want real innovation in K-12 public education, should we broaden our definition of student achievement?

  • Common Cents

    Minnesota faces significant budget challenges. What values and priorities do you think should guide solutions to these challenges? A second round of work has kicked off in 2012.

  • Pathways to Prosperity

    Online component of a multi-year effort that seeks to transform current anti-poverty efforts into a more effective system to support prosperity.

  • Higher Education Reform

    Many believe that Minnesota's higher education system isn't delivering the outcomes we need. In this project we'll explore whether or not reform is needed, and if so, what should be done, how, and why.

  • Teachers in Partnership

    Teachers can and do make all the decisions influencing whole school success. This is a network for and by them, and those who support them.

Above is a sampling of past projects conducted on CitiZing.

We're continuing to conduct pilot projects. Create a project.