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About This Project

Many people believe that Minnesota's system of higher education is falling short of delivering the outcomes we need. This project will explore whether or not reform is needed, if so, what should be done, how and – more importantly – why?

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This project is sponsored in part by the Citizens League, a multi-partisan, multi-issue, member supported organization.

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What word comes to mind when you hear "higher ed reform"?


What's next for the higher ed project?

The Citizens League's higher education project is exploring questions around the current financing model for higher education.

Through this work we will:

  • Agree on purpose of public funding for higher education
  • Trace the implications of current funding structure and determine if we have the optimal structure for 21st century needs
  • If agreed we need a better funding structure, “design” a more optimal structure using a decision-menu approach

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Updated August 2013

Phase I Committee Work

The Phase 1 Steering Committee has finished their deliberations and committee statement. View their committee statement:

Completion Conversations

In the summer of 2012 we sat down with current and former students who have not yet completed their degree to understand a bit about their college experiences. Why did they stop- or drop-out? What implications had this decision had on their lives?

To read the summary of these conversations click here.