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Minnesota GO 50-Year Vision, draft

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Minnesota Department of Transportation
Office of Statewide Multimodal Planning
395 John Ireland Blvd. MS 440
Saint Paul, MN 55155

Click here to read the draft vision (also available in PDF)

Project Background & Purpose

The Minnesota Department of Transporation launched the Minnesota GO visioning process to better align the transportation systems with what Minnesotans expect for their quality of life, economy and natural environment.

The effort is based on an understanding that transportation is a means to other ends, not an end in itself. It also recognizes that infrastructure is only one of many elements necessary to achieving a high quality of life, a competitive economy and a healthy environment. 

This 50-year vision for transportation will require consistency and collaboration across jurisdictions and sectors to be fully achieved. Although MnDOT initiated the effort to develop the vision, this is a vision for all forms of transportation and ownership of the vision is a shared responsibility.

What is a vision?

A vision is a description of a desired future. It answers the question "what are we trying to achieve?" It does not answer the question "how will we do it?" This will be addressed in subsequent statewide, modal, and regional planning efforts.