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Week 3: Connecting to Local Opportunities

Legally, legacy funds can only be used for parks and trails "of regional and statewide significance."  But, as we strive to create a seamless system of parks and trails (local, regional, state) with near-home opportunities for everyone, what does this mean for the use of legacy funds?  Given this legal restriction, how can we bring local into the picture better? 

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    Our local state park, Glacial Lakes, is rather small, and doesn't get a lot of visitors. 

    It can be argued it has "regional and statewide significance" because of its geology, and its native prairie species.  But I believe a simpler way to look at it is from the prospective of trails.  There are trails within the park, and a paved trail from Starbuck to the park.  The problem is that these trails are not linked to other trails and state parks.  The key here is to continue to build a contiguous statewide trail system.  For instance, a hiking trail along the glacial ridge connecting Glacial Lake SP to Sibley SP, and then to the Glacial Lakes trail from Willmar to St. Cloud.