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A Students Speak Out Commentator Series, Supported by Comcast Foundation

About This Project

Teens chose to explore: If we want real innovation in K-12 public education, should we broaden our definition of student achievement?

This project will culminate with a final report circulated nationally to people making key decisions about the future of K-12.

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About the Project Sponsor

This project is sponsored in part by the Citizens League, a multi-partisan, multi-issue, member supported organization.

The Citizens League involves people of all backgrounds, parties and ideologies to create and advance solutions. Support our work: donate or become a member!

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This project is facilitated by Kim and Lindsey, Brett and Nora! Say hi if you see us around!

Members (aka Big Thinkers)

This project is complete. Thanks for participating!

Thank you for your deep consideration of topics related to the question, "What is Student Achievement?

The final report summarizing your work is beloq. We will continue to distribute this report to decisionmakers and others influencing the definition of student achievement. And, you should feel free to do so as well!


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Below is a list of the discussions that took place on this site
, between adult guests and student commentators in summer 2011.

Project Activities